With the rhubarb harvest in full swing what better time to celebrate all things rhubarb. Across the country from Essex to Herefordshire the back-breaking work of hand-picking rhubarb is underway. The juice that goes into making Kingsdown Rhubarb Sparkle comes from Timperley Early grown on the fertile farming land on the banks of the river Stour in Suffolk. This variety produces slender pink stems which are perfect for juice production. The stems are pressed to extract the juice which is then fine filtered to give pure wonderfully flavoured soft pink rhubarb juice of the highest quality. We simply blend this juice with Kingsdown Sparkling Spring Water and a little sugar to offset the tartness of the fruit. The result is Kingsdown Rhubarb Sparkle which we believe captures the very essence of freshly picked spring rhubarb.

Some flavour combinations are just meant to be. Rhubarb and custard is one of those and our interpretation of this classic, in cocktail form, is the Vanilla Rhubarb Crush – combine 50ml of Vanilla Vodka with 150ml of Kingsdown Rhubarb Sparkle and add crushed ice for the ultimate smooth creamy cocktail with a rhubarb vodka kick.

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