Great drinks that don't cost the earth

Environmental and ethical concerns are right at the top of our agenda. We believe that we have an absolute duty to ensure that all our drinks are produced in the most environmentally responsible way. Back in 2014 we carried out a root and branch review of our operations in order to achieve carbon neutral status and establish the Kingsdown brand as the environmental market leader. We commissioned an independent carbon audit to provide us with an accurate measure of exactly what carbon emissions the business produces and armed with this information we were able to reduce carbon emissions in a number of key areas of our production and distribution processes and have then taken various steps, including investing in tree planting schemes and hydroelectric projects in central America, to offset our remaining carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutral status.

Sustainability & Recycling

Kingsdown Water and Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés are only available in glass bottles. As well as being tactile and premium, glass is the most sustainable packaging material on the planet. It is 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable. We actively encourage all our customers to recycle their glass bottles so as to ensure that these qualities are fully exploited. Making new bottles from melting recycled glass uses far less energy than using new raw materials – every tonne of glass re-melted saves 246 kg of carbon dioxide emissions as well as decreasing the energy needed to make glass and reducing reliance on virgin raw materials. For more information on recycling glass please see

We recycle everything we can. Our empty pallets are all re-used, our waste cardboard and polythene packaging is recycled, the spring water we use for rinsing new bottles is filtered and returned to the aquifer, and we buy all the materials and ingredients that go into making our drinks from the UK rather than sourcing from suppliers based further afield who are often cheaper but would add more to our carbon footprint. We keep all our operations under regular review and are always looking at ways we can improve – we’re driven to produce great drinks that don’t cost the earth.

Health Benefits

A well hydrated person is a healthy person. The benefits of drinking plenty of water are well documented. Staying hydrated helps balance blood sugar levels, relieves headaches, and promotes healthy skin, while dehydration can cause tiredness, slow brain function, and lead to irritability and lethargy. So stay hydrated with Kingsdown Water which also contains valuable trace elements like calcium, magnesium, and potassium which are absorbed from the chalk aquifer.

Our Kingsdown Sparkling Pressé range provide a great way to stay hydrated too but they offer lots more besides. The rhubarb juice we use in our Kingsdown Rhubarb Sparkle is high in fibre and calcium, the Sicilian lemon juice in our Kingsdown Cloudy Lemonade is rich in vitamin C which boosts the immune system, the organic ginger in our Kingsdown Ginger Beer has anti-inflammatory qualities and helps soothe the digestive system, while the blackcurrant juice in our Kingsdown Blackcurrant Sparkle as well as being rich in vitamin C has high levels of antioxidants and anthocyanins which help strengthen the immune system and ease the symptoms of sore throats and flu.