Kingsdown Still & Sparkling Spring Water

Now available delivered to your home, Kingsdown Natural Spring Water is widely recognised as the leading glass bottled water in the UK. Naturally filtered through the chalk aquifer just outside the village of Kingsdown, our distinctive and stylish bottles have been a firm favourite of top hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs for 25 years. Stockists include The Wolseley, Caprice Restaurants, The Ivy Collection, Tate, The National Gallery, and Brasserie Blanc, amongst many others. Kingsdown is synonymous with quality and style and is available in elegant 750ml, 500ml, and 330ml glass bottles, still and sparkling.

Our Water

The Kingsdown source is situated just outside the village of Kingsdown, some fifteen miles from the cathedral city of Canterbury. It is the chalk of the North Downs which provides the key to Kingsdown’s purity and quality. By acting as a huge natural filter it removes all impurities whilst ensuring that valuable trace elements are absorbed. The result is pure clean tasting spring water at its very best.

Typical Analysis (Quantity (mg/l)
Calcium: 90
Magnesium: 2.4
Sodium: 15
Potassium: 1.3
Iron: <1
Bicarbonate: 213
Chloride: 33
Sulphate: 18
Fluoride: <1
Total dissolved solids at 260°C: 374


Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés

Handcrafted luxury soft drinks made from Kingsdown Natural Spring Water blended with the highest quality fruit juices and now available to enjoy in your own home. Gently sparkling and made from meticulously sourced fruit juices, choose from grown up blends of hand picked Sicilian lemons, Spanish oranges, British rhubarb, apples, wild elderflowers, blackcurrants and ginger. The stylish glass bottles by award winning design agency Lewis Moberly are perfect for dinner parties, family get togethers, summer lunch parties, and picnics on the beach. Available in 330ml & 750ml glass bottles.


Pressé Ingredients

We go to great lengths to ensure that only the highest quality natural ingredients make their way into Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés. Sourcing fruit juices from the right producer growing the right variety of fruit is essential, whether it’s our Timperley rhubarb juice from DC Williamson, a family run soft fruit farm on the Essex/Suffolk borders, or our lemon juice from Vincenzo Corleone’s lemon groves in Sicily. The highest quality natural fruit juices blended with the purest of spring waters produce sparkling pressés of incomparable quality.

The Design

Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés are produced in beautifully designed 330ml glass bottles. The overlapping fruits suggest purity and pleasurable layers of taste. The minimal design is sophisticated in its simplicity and confidence – subtle product colours are enhanced by layers of white, creating a fresh and lively contrast and achieving a subtle balance between purity and style. Beautiful soft drinks that taste as delicious and refreshing as they look.