The first bottle of Kingsdown rolled off the production line in June 1995. The business was founded by William Bomer and began life as a small family business. Since then Kingsdown has flourished – our production site and head office is based at the Kingsdown source on the North Downs and we have an established distribution depot in south east London.

Kingsdown is now a widely recognised and respected premium brand. With a dedicated team split across the Kent and London sites the company is firmly established as a leading spring water producer and distributor. Kingsdown is stocked by hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.

The Kingsdown source is situated in the heart of the North Downs, just outside the village of Kingsdown, some fifteen miles from the cathedral city of Canterbury. It is the chalk of the North Downs which provides the key to Kingsdown’s purity and quality. By acting as a huge natural filter it removes all impurities whilst ensuring that valuable trace elements are absorbed. The result is pure clean tasting spring water at its very best. Kingsdown is synonymous with quality and style and is available in elegant 1ltr, 750ml, 500ml, and 330ml glass bottles, still and sparkling.

The business has diversified in recent years and built on the Kingsdown brand by launching our new range of Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés. These drinks are made from Kingsdown Sparkling Spring Water and meticulously sourced natural juices – hand picked Sicilian lemons, Spanish oranges, British rhubarb, apples, and elderflowers – and blended to produce high quality sparkling pressés. The packaging was designed by Lewis Moberly and the simplicity and elegance of the design reflect the purity of the brand.