The history of Kingsdown Water

The first glass bottle of Kingsdown rolled off the production line in June 1995. Since then it has grown to become the country’s leading brand of premium spring water and is served in top hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs across the UK and beyond, with export markets ranging from South Korea to the United Arab Emirates - and now the full range of Kingsdown Still & Sparkling Waters and Pressés are available to buy online and enjoy in your own home.


From the Garden of England

From the start we have been based in Kent, the Garden of England, with the Kingsdown source located  just outside the village of Kingsdown, some 15 miles from the historic cathedral city of Canterbury. Dating from the Cretaceous period it is the chalk of the North Downs which provides the key to Kingsdown’s purity and quality. By acting as a huge natural filter it removes all impurities whilst ensuring that valuable trace elements are absorbed. The result is pure clean tasting spring water at its very best.

Our range of Sparkling Pressés

Five years ago we expanded the Kingsdown brand by adding a new range of Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés. Each pressé blends meticulously sourced natural juices with Kingsdown Spring Water, with the range including Elderflower, Rhubarb, Cloudy Lemonade, Orange, Apple, Blackcurrant, and Ginger Beer. Since they were launched our pressés have built a reputation as grown up beautiful soft drinks that taste as good as they look.


Eco-friendly, high quality production

Plastic bottles? Not at Kingsdown. Of course, our premium bottled waters and pressés are distinctive and classic. But much more than that, they are eco-friendly and fully recyclable too. Our production facility houses a fully automated stainless steel bottling line which ensures that from source to bottle the highest production standards are maintained at all times, and our bottling line includes state of the art fine filtration which allows dissolved minerals to be retained whilst guaranteeing the quality and integrity of every drop.

Our award-winning, elegant design

Masterminded by leading London design agency Lewis Moberly, the Kingsdown design is simple, modern and stylish. At a glance the subtle glass contours and refined contemporary packaging present a picture of purity and quality. The success of Kingsdown’s design has been recognised at the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards who presented us with the highly coveted Gold Award.


Celebrating our Silver year 1995-2020

It’s our silver anniversary in 2020 and we’re delighted to celebrate our 25th year by making Kingsdown Water and Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés available for delivery direct to your front door. Enjoy a special night in with a selection of our waters and sparkling pressés!