With ‘Go sober for October’ coming to an end and the thought of ‘Dry January’ only a couple of months away, we’ve been looking at trends for pairing food, not with alcohol, but with soft drinks. In the UK, alcohol consumption fell by 26% between 2002 and 2012, according to government statistics. This fall has been caused in part by an ageing population, but more so by millennials and younger consumers drinking less than their parents did a generation ago.

5 million people signed up to dry January in 2017, according to a YouGov poll, and Alcohol Concern says participants in its New Year campaigns have quadrupled in the last three years. Research by Public Health England suggests 67% of people will cut back over the rest of the year, while 8% will stay dry altogether. So if you’re looking to take up the challenge, our sophisticated Kingsdown Sparkling pressé range has the perfect balance of flavour and style for all occasions that go with all types of cooking.

Elderflower is the unforgettable taste of a sweet summer’s day, so it’s natural to grab a bottle to compliment a light salad, with chicken and sugar snap peas, but elderflower also works alongside strong robust flavours such as prime venison steaks and oriental style chicken.

Rhubarb more commonly accompanies puddings and sweet pastries but surprisingly works in subtle harmony with game and lamb dishes. Duck and red cabbage with juniper-spiced rhubarb with Kingsdown Rhubarb Sparkle works wonderfully well and when you take a sip of Rhubarb Sparkle the flavours will sing.

Lemon is a more natural pairing when it comes to picking a soft drink to have with your meal and works wonderfully with an array of fish dishes. Honey and orange roast seabass with lentils is a simple and low-calorie fish supper that will be enhanced by the vibrant flavours of a Cloudy Lemonade.

So whether you’ve stopped drinking for health reasons of just for the challenge, remember dinner time doesn’t have to be boring. Kingsdown Sparkling Pressés provide a sophisticated, healthy and delicious alternative…